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The way to say 'America' when you are being comical in the sense of acting redneck.
The man said, 'Now boy, this hurs Amurka. We don't accept your kind!'
by UrbanGamer123 December 19, 2011

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A gay who has sexual fantasies about t.v. host Daniel Tosh.
I was watching Tosh. O when my brother walked in, when his pants got a little wider I knew he was a Toshimo.
by Urbangamer123 February 08, 2010

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Someone annoying who has to constantly talk in a sweet voice to a dog. Instead of loving their family, the dog gets all the attention.

-Good Day Gents-
A:I was thinking of getting Erica a puppy.

B:Seems like a good idea.

C:I watch out, she might be a puppy dogger. Then you'd have to kill why she was at work.

A:Oh shit, your right. I'll just get roses.
by urbangamer123 February 13, 2010

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In a video game, blowing an opponents brains all over the pavement while they or yourself are in mid-air.
Sean Connery and Chuck Norris were playing Modern Warfare 2 and Sean Connery got a Flying Face Fuck for the game winning kill.
by UrbanGamer123 February 08, 2010

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A guy/girl who messed up with a friend or family member, so they think they can write a definition, hope all editors fall asleep and pass it, then hope that the person they made angry will randomly get on Urban Dictionary, look up their own name, see the definition and everyone will be happy.

-Good Day Gents-
A: Dude Ericas pissed off again.

B: You should write a definition on Urban Dictionary for her!

A: Why the hell would I do that, I'm not a 'Desperate Faggot'.
by Urbangamer123 February 12, 2010

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