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Employees and ‘guests’ of major corporate broadcast radio, tv and cable organizations whose primary function is to generate cash flow by manipulating and sensationalizing any information, and, whenever possible, do so to also undermine President Obama, destroy the American middle class, erode Medicare/Medicaid, privatize Social Security, and continue to undermine the American economy if that’s what it takes to defeat President Obama and Democratic candidates in 2012.
Rachel Maddow's lie about President Obama's support of equal rights for LGBT American citizens is one example of a Newstainer.

The intentional efforts by the Republicans to default on the Nation's deficit and Fox Newstainer's support of all things TeaParty aka Republican Party.

The intentional, comprehensive efforts by the Koch Brothers to destroy Social Security and Medicare and all the Newstainers, and Foundation and Congressional persons whom they support with their donations.
by understandinglife June 26, 2011
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Webster Dictionary defines 'infirm' as - "of poor or deteriorated vitality; especially : feeble from age"

Infirmicide is the deliberate denial of health care for the feeble, for the impoverished, the elderly and disabled.
Donald Trump and most Republican members of the current Congress have attempted to legislate infirmicide of millions of Americans. Two courageous female Republican Senators blocked their latest attempt.
by understandinglife July 28, 2017
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