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Political moves on the international scene. Involving extremely complex assesments of the game situation that may lead to a stalemate or a runaway game. Imagine a chess game played in 3d in a cube configuration where time is a huge factor, and you get 4d chess.
all world leaders are basically playing 4d chess right now.
by underskourge January 5, 2017
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A criminal that specializes in disruptive operations in datacenters, such as : discharging fire suppression systems, cutting power, removing drives, or more insidious acts like disconnecting cables or switcing them, jamming various equipments. It may or may not involve blackmail or theft.
Datacenter gangsters are not necessarily black hat hackers, since the operations they perform do not require specifically any computers skills, They are just bruteforcing the datacenter physical security. Beware ! These criminals are capable of compromising the physical integrity of datacenter operatives.
"Hey jim, all the data is gone, and i mean physically gone ! the SAN was removed during the night !
What the f*** is that ?"
-Just another datacenter gangster broke in, relax, just wait for the ransom call.
by underskourge January 1, 2017
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