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lovado means showing off affection or love as an act to impress or woo someone..
that girl seems to know no difference between love and lovado... falling for his lovado tactics
by una November 14, 2013
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Used to describe anything that sounds like the word. Origins: Invented by Aisling and Una in french class.
1. Look at that huge agglomeration growing off the side of that cow's head!
2. the party was an agglomeration of weridos, confetti and cheesecake.
3. molecular microbiolgy is simply an agglomeration of nonsense.
by una January 23, 2006
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bad hads means one's share of bad experiences from the past..
the day of that bad had
was long long ago dead
when i smiled to myself
and said
it was all that i could shed
by una November 14, 2013
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Una is one kinky bitch, often found around the back alley on her knees giving head to every Elgan, Charlie, Peter, Henry and Dan she can find.
One states: ‘God that Una, I’d lick her shitter like an apple fritter
by una April 29, 2020
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