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a machine that lures you to websites that butt rapes your wallet . usually preprogramed to respond to dirty words.
sexbot: hey cutie wanna chat
johnny: fuck you bitch
sexbot: call me a bitch
johnny: your a certified cunt
sexbot: fuck my cunt
johnny: your a annoying backstabbing cockstabbing manwhore.
sexbot: cum visit me at my website and make sure you have a credit card so they know your not a kid.
johnny: *block*
by umc1991 September 15, 2011
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the most legal drug 1 person can ever have. can be obtained anywhere at anytime.
man 1. goddamn i need some sleep.
man 2. well go get sum

man 1. cant no bed
man 2. you dont need a bed

man 1. what you mean?
man 2. *snores*
man 1. ohhhhhhhhhhh.......*zzzzzzzz*
by umc1991 September 15, 2011
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