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A type of flavor or state of being, mostly associated with greatness and beauty.

Used as a derivation from the word DELICIOUS. Can also be replace the word good, delicious, hot, beautiful, or handsome.
- This ice cream tastes extremely ANDICIOUS today.

- You look ANDICIOUS. Let's have wild and untamed sex!
by uLtEmAj1C April 07, 2005

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The country that occupies a small eastern strip in the continent of Austrailia. Led by King Pablo, who was recently overthrown in his attempts to put taxes on capital punishment.

Created by an doomed nerd with an extremely small penis who was idiotic enough to pronounce the word "pneumonia", with the pronunciation pa-no-mi-a. What a fucking dumbass.
The country of Panomia would now like to commit to the UN in order to have a voice in our growing world peace & order.
by uLtEmAj1C April 07, 2005

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