25 definitions by tyrone

a low life sorry excuse for a human being that smells
get that messycan out of my yard
by TYRONE July 16, 2004
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An inhabitant and fervent supporter of Generica. Specifically slaves to consumerism, whose goal in life is to keep up with the Jones', and non-independent thinkers.
I'm proud to be a Generican
Where at least I know I'm free,
And I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me,
by Tyrone July 01, 2004
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short for queer
you fkn fgt qwr!
by Tyrone July 11, 2003
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when u get so whacked that u star seeing thing or feeling really wierd
man i dont no about you but im really trippin out
by Tyrone March 11, 2005
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Target = Tar-gay = Taggart is gay.
Targay was up all last night having "kinky butt sex" with that pimp! Hello no!
by Tyrone December 15, 2004
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Nicholas Sproul, the slobmeister
Damn, bitch! You been slobbin all on it!
by Tyrone August 23, 2004
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to smoke crack or snort cocaine (also skeeted or skeeted out refers to someone who is high on crack or cocaine)
That guy on the corner looked really skeeted
by tyrone May 15, 2004
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