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Girls who are somewhat hot - but not too hot, and who often work in posiitons of high public interaction but with low-barriers-to-entry, thus making them open and attractive targets on the one hand, but often self conscious and/or harboring self esteem issues on the other. This, as a whole, makes them susceptible and quite receptive to any overtures from the opposite sex. I.e., They are the easiest of fruit to pick.
Salty just can't stop picking that low-hanging fruit, he just brought home his fifth receptionist this motnh.
by txt April 6, 2008
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Men who hate feminist with a passion and will go out of their way to tell them how they are wrong.
"Bro we rekt that feminist"

"Yeah bro Meninist for life"
by txt November 10, 2016
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Stank Dick Syndrome

When you have a very smelly dick
Yeah I was with Jacob the other day but he got some SDS
by txt April 14, 2015
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