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Similar to "Gaydar" the word you use to describe your ability to detect crazy people.
Man that girl really set off my Craydar! She's nuts! crazy nuts batshit
by trinket April 09, 2015

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The coolest typo in the universe, even better than "teh" and "!!1"
Refers to a reference to another website, possibly accompanied with a clickable area of text.
I can't get that lu=inky thing to work.

Here's a lu=inky to my webcomic.

I was inking some pages today so my hands are all lu.
by Trinket June 07, 2003

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acronym for "poor word choice"
dude: what's going on
me: nuttin
dude: gross
me: ?
me: Was that perverted?
dude: Yeah, pwc

me: so what do you think about me in this dress
bf: you look fat
me: excuse me?
bf: sorry, pwc... I mean phat... as in hot

boy 1: hey man, how's it going?
boy 2: not bad you complete tool douchebag!
boy 1: what the hell did you just say to me?
boy 2: sorry, pwc...i meant, 'not bad man'
by Trinket May 11, 2006

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