December 10th national fuck school day do whatever you want when you want at school
Joe: hey john you know what December 10th is right

John: no

Joe: national fuck school day do whatever the fuck you want
by Talon winter December 2, 2019
Only the most beautiful souls on the planet are born on this day. Their smile can light up the room, they love life and they are enjoying it as much as they can,
Overly friendly and overly positive people in general
by FriendlyNeighbourhoodLeo January 15, 2020
This day is the national day of short people trying to roast the tall people.
Tall Person: Is mini golf just called golf for people of your height?
Short person: no, ummm how’s the weather up there?
Tall person: is that the best roast you could think of? Oh I forgot it’s December 10th, it’s ok at least you tried your best.
by Tallmanjake November 20, 2019
“imagine if we all just started ignoring celebrities

like how funny would it be if they posted and got 13 likes” on december 10 ignore all celebrities no likes nothing
by mynameisflyasf December 7, 2020
The day some loser goes to urban dictionary makes up a day where you have to ask your crush out.
I'm tired of seeing this shit in urban dictionary.
Oh yeah and december 10 is 5 days away from my birthday!
by Some fat dude on the internet December 9, 2019
On December 10th walk to your boyfriends house and give them a massive hug. And a kiss on the check/lips
Hey mum I’m going to ben’s it’s December 10th
by Ben hancock December 9, 2019
December 10 is national hoe day. Talk to as many guys/girls and flirt.
What national day is December 10
by Datbishmegan October 2, 2019