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1. Another way of saying, "Fuck that shit" When you disagree with someone.
Girl: Hey want to go see Twilight: Breaking Dawn??

Guy: Fuck that noise!

Girl: What is that suppose to mean?!

Guy: it means, whatever noise you just made....Fuck it!
by tooYokedforThis December 01, 2011
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1. yoked + sauce = yokesauce

2. (adj.) the term used after a person commits and action that portrays him as stronger than anyone around him.

3. (noun) something you eat to get yoked
Christine: momma, i caught my boyfriend in bed with another girl last night!! :'(

Mom: Honey, are you okay?

Christine: yeah... I picked him up by his head and ripped his esophagus out, then fed him to our dogs.

Mom: Yokesauce! thats my girl!
by tooyokedforThis December 02, 2011
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a word you say when you cant thing of any word that rhymes with 'orange'
Teacher: hey class, does anyone know a word that rhymes with orange?

student: penig!
by tooyokedforthis December 03, 2011
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