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harperism |ˈhärpərˌizəm|

1. the political philosophy that corruption is the highest good and proper aim of government.

2. the pursuit of power; sensual self-indulgence.

3. relentless political maneuvering. often informal; always slicker than a greased pig.

harp•er•ist | noun & adjective
harp•er•is•tic | adjective
harp•er•is•ti•cal•ly | adverb
harp•er•ian | adjective
"The January 2006 Federal election results in Canada unexpectedly yielded a minority Conservative Government. The 'great moving right show' is having yet another run. In Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada now has the most ideologically committed neoliberal in power since Margaret Thatcher. The five priorities Harper has announced - an accountability package; a cut in the GST; a market-based childcare system; a law and order agenda centred on sentencing; and a reduction in healthcare wait times through increased delivery flexibility - all reflect these commitments. These proposals are embedded in the overall strategic priority of aligning Canada even more tightly with the US through increased overseas military commitments and further economic integration. Canada's move into southern Afghanistan and increased troop deployment is already sketching in the new terrain. The major boost military spending, tax cuts and marketized public services proposed in the first Harper Budget on May 2 filled in more details. This constitutes the initial agenda of Harperism. It could hardly be more pressing for the Left to take some stock of what the Harper government is and might become." {Greg Albo, "Figuring Out Harper" (8 May 2006) zcommunications.org}
by tkkn March 16, 2011
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