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Caliphate (or Global Islamic Kingdom)
The establishment of which is the ultimate aim of the vast majority of 'peaceful' muslims who come to the West. The Shias who come to the West because Sunnis are killing them or vice versa, or the Alevis or Ahmediyas who come because both Sunnis and Shias are killing them, are pretty united in the pursuit of this evil fantasy. They do not want a world where Islam is just one religion among many. They want a world where Islam is the only religion... or at least, one where it's the religion that dominates completely, so all others can be dhimmified and humililated. So that blacks can be made slaves again, homosexuals executed and and women made half-equal to men. and anyone can be executed for criticizing any of the Arabic superstitions known collectively as Islam.

For this purpose they're happy to make use of all the liberties offered by the 'decadent' infidel Western nations, determined to exploit every weekness and loophole of Western democracy.
Bin Laden: You stupid American crossworshippers, I respectfully invite you to convert to Islam and join us in the noble endeavor of killing all these Eeevil Jews.
(KABOOM!!!) the WTC towers fall.

Bush: Fuck you and your Caliphate!
(KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!! all over Afghanistan and Iraq and the stinky cave where bin Laden's hiding)
by thoeneverdies July 20, 2007

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