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A nickname given to President Joe Biden during his complicitness in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Gaza. His actions include providing Israelis with billions of dollars for weapons, and allowing the Zionist state to continue their massacres by defending them in a public forum. Joe Biden also rejected the figures presented by the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, that represented the thousand of innocent children and civilians that were murdered by the Israeli Occupation Forces.
Person A: Did you see Joe Biden wants to send 14 billion dollars to Israel after 3000 Gazan children have been killed.

Person B: Yeah, that's Genocide Joe for you.
by thickjordanianbooty101 October 28, 2023
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When you get sun burned so bad, when you get roasted so good, that the sun dosen't just have sex with you, but rather it fucks you in the ass.
Person A: Holly shit you got sun burned on your trip
Person B: Yeah, I got sun fucked
Person A: Nah, you're so red you got sun sodimized
by thickjordanianbooty101 November 5, 2023
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To purposely tell someone what they want to hear but also giving yourself excuses and reassuring someone that what is happening is neither their or your fault.
Teacher 1: Jack told me that he can't take the test tomorrow because he has been really busy even though according to him he thought I did a great job explaining it to him. I think I'm gonna give him an extra week.
Teacher2: Oh please, he's just blowing smoke up your ass
by thickjordanianbooty101 June 2, 2020
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Usually said when a person is trying to allude to a bigger topic/claim in their comments/questions. The thing that is being alluded to is usually unpleasant and/or not in the favor of the person who these comments are being told to.
Interrogator: Where were you at 5:10pm am on the 13th of February when your husband was killed?
Women: I was at the supermarket.
Cop: Really? We looked through the security cameras and you were no where to be found, cops also testify weren't carrying any groceries when you came back home.

Women: What are you getting at?

Cop: I'm saying that you killed your husband and used the supermarket as an alibi!
by thickjordanianbooty101 March 5, 2021
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Often used when someone says something that is obviously a wrong/mistake/undependable, and the person who is listening can't say anything to defend his actions.
Jack: I missed the deadline for applying to NYU, because I read the email wrong.

Sam: They gave us a one week extension for that exact reason? Why didn't you submit it.

Jack: I was just so lazy about it.

Sam: I don't know what to say Jack, I guess that's a lesson learned.
by thickjordanianbooty101 February 19, 2021
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