3 definitions by thewordman

Bald crusty nonce. Knows to annoy people and be a moaning bastard. Had severe skin deformities due to poor hygiene. Normally bald or receding at an alarming rate.
Alex: fuck me what’s that smell?
Dolan: thinks it’s Patrick.
by thewordman October 28, 2019
Another, more G-rated version, of the female part. Suitable for adults at the dinner table, and also kids learning how to censor the more crude word choices avaliable when needing to communicate that word.
1: Sister 1: "Hey, my Va-jay-jay itches..."
Sister 2: "You should get that checked out"
2: Toddler: "Mom!...I'm done with my bath now"
Mom: "O.k. honey, did you wash your Va-jay-jay?"
by thewordman August 4, 2008
When something is so terrible, you literally feel like gouging both eyes out immediately and cutting your hands clean off.
Guy 1: Did you see that Google is now trying to integrate the disgusting Google+ with YouTube?
Guy 2: Yeah, that's absolute shit man, I really wish I didn't have eyes or hands at this point in time.
by thewordman December 1, 2013