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stuff to put on your chips. Chiefly British.
Known as sore finga in Chinese takeaways
"You wan sore finga?"

"...no thanks!.. Oh, 'salt and vinegar' yes please"
by thewilderness February 14, 2012
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1) A Northern English scally term used to express unfairness:

2) A Northern English scally term used to vocalise embarrassment:

3) A Buddhist word to describe the compassionate fundamental nature of Great Enlightened Beings...
1) Wayne: "Maccy D's have barred us it's proper shan... tho I s'pose I did pull me kecks down and throw a pickle at a member of staff..."

2) "Your uncle is Pat Sharp... what a shan!!"

(To make a shan of oneself is to publicly embarrass oneself. ie "I made a shan of myself." Shant is it's past participle. ie "I was pure shant last night" or "I was shant reet up like, eh!")

3) man: "Dalai Lama... why is it that the more I think of people's inherently loving nature, my compassion for humanity grows?"

Dalai Lama: "You're pure shan...."
by thewilderness September 22, 2011
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