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This term is a combination word derived from methamphetamine and universe conjoining.

Known as common slang for identifying the large growing group of individuals who are associated with methamphetamine use. The public perception on this group of stigmatized-stereotype’s lifestyle is strictly influenced by meth. The statics and logistics confirms this group of people is a metaphorical yet totally real universe within the universe based society. Methverse natives have a unique language even. It’s based on languages considered to be a regions primary language, but with differentiating meaning ultimately leading to a fuzzy interpretation for people outside the methverse. A few predominant components that implement the methverse language include fluffing a topic to convey vague, broken dialog, which assists in platform based either auditory, perceptual, or optical illusion to perplex someone, not of the methverse, of understanding methverse context. The use of provocative/vulgar slang with no traditional derived value and Off the wall references are also very common in the constant vernacularly changing methverse. Acknowledging Methverse as a universe/dimension rather than just a s community/society was necessary. Establishing a name for this universe was something that had to be done.
1) Everyday after my job in the real world I’m always eager to go back to the methverse where i feel at ease and comfortable with who I am.

2) Those no good junkies may not ever find their way back from methverse.

3) Nothing within the methverse is as it seems, requiring someone with strength to be considered a soldier of the Methverse.

4) Yo when I was fighting my way out of methverse I struggled the most with knowing I could never return.

5) Giving genuine advice to the public; it’s in your best interest to never seek the methverse. Good quality of life isn’t an option there. You’re either a prisoner or a visitor soon to become prisoner.
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When referencing the act of getting high on methamphetamine.

Deriving from the act of breaking the speed limit being commonly known as speeding. Put 2 and 2 together on meth and you got a slang phrase born to inconspicuously depicting the act of getting high on methamphetamine.
1)I intend to break the speed limit after work by getting high on methamphetamine.

Conspicuous use:

do you still break the speed limit? (Receiver if question being familiar with getting high on methamphetamine lingo)

wanna come over and break the speed limit in the basement with my new fire toy racing equipment? (Also intended for someone who understands that the act of breaking the speed limit is considered speeding and speeding is also used to describe getting High on meth)
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This common word is used in the southern United States for street drug slang. It refers to methamphetamine. Anytime anyone says shit and they aren’t referring to poop or an emotion in the south especially Georgia it means meth everytime.

Here in The south we use words that are vaguely descriptive adjectives that could mean anything for drug slang/codes the only 2 drugs that have a distinctive code names are heroin and marijuana.

And “shit” means methamphetamine 7 times outta 10 anytime that it’s ever used as an adjective all over Georgia seems that the reddit community is also very family with this slang and that’s a fact.

Extra info
Most common for heroin in southern US: boy/b
Most common for marijuana In southern US: green, dank, bud THC concentrates: carts, wax, dabs, shatter
A: Whatcha Know good cuz?
B: not a damn thing really you?
A: sitting on some shit as we speak
B: got enough to throw me a 20 sac worth of some chicken feed?
A: gotchu homie pull up
B: bet, be there in 5

*45 minutes late b pulls up to a*

!!!!DEA YOURE WELCOME cause this term is not in y’all drug slang under methamphetamine book of drug codes.
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Describes having to conceal the act of getting high on meth. Usually performed somewhere where you can easily hide paraphernalia, only having one entrance and no windows for easy monitoring of surroundings, and usually a comfortable environment that’s liability for interruption has very low chance of occurring.

Broken down: sneaking off from family/the general public to get geeked up on meth.
Tiana is Sneaking and Geeking again due her husband not approving of her getting a high on meth. Tiana is a chronic, habitual, 24/7 meth abuser. She is essentially a meth addict. Her husband should try and help her instead of punishing and patronizing her for her problem. The act of her sneaking and geeking is an unconventional way to conceal her meth usage opposed to doing so In the comforts of her home. When you love someone you don’t put them down or worse abandon them for liking onions so why is different when they like meth? Society as a whole needs to open their mind to the idea that support, strength, and unconditional love towards addicts is needed to be administered the right way directly to the struggling individual to successfully battle their way out of addiction. Helping to aid in an addicts recovery is similar to raising a new born. It takes a village. Sneaking and geeking could be the cause of your loved one getting locked up.
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