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someone that like me, feels out of place, doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the puzzle pieces. some people might see it as a cry for attention, but a misfit knows that's not true.
Misfits are also majestic creature that are trying to let the world see their true colors, but the rest of the world, who is in denial, wont let them shine like they should
I am a misfit, and i am proud to be one
by theoonlymexicanavailable February 19, 2014
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tuna fish is a sketchy little mother f***** that follows dog walkers around down town at midnight with a green flashlight. when found, the tuna fish will escape with its hands in its pockets hiding away the shame of being found by an awesome person. tuna fish arent agressive, but they are clever and will tickle people to the point of orgasms.
a creepy little tuna fish just fingered my anus
by theoonlymexicanavailable February 8, 2014
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