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The point in a romantic relationship when pictures of the couple begin to dis-appear from Facebook, and or when the relationship status changes to "Single OR Complicated" from "In a relationship".
It looks like Herman has made it to Face Erase with his girl friend.

"Yeah her pictures have disappeared from his profile now."
by themindblogger December 08, 2009
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It's a way to end a conversation you started. Only you can zitto (end) a conversation which you stated and no body else. Same holds true for the conversations started by others. You can't zitto other peoples conversation.
Herman: hey Reena ... who do you like the most "your boy friend or me"

Reena: you cutie pie .. no doubts on that. Who do you like the most "me or your girl friend"

Herman: ummmm .... zitto

Reena: Damn it!
by themindblogger April 16, 2010
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