Reena is so perfect in every way she doesn’t realize that . She is so gorgeous, pretty, cute , beautiful and adorable if u have her in ur life dang ur so lucky . Reena is special she is not like everyone she is way too precious and perfect from any other human

.she cares about everything and every and she is so nice

Nobody love reena more than I do

Someone : do you anyone called reena

Someone 2: yessss she is so gorgeous and perfect right
by Taylorr June 26, 2018
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Reena is an angel that you love and cherish. She is someone who has grade S dancing skills and a great personality. You proposed to her with a yellow ring. Reena will do everything to protect you and her friends.
"Omg I'm dating this girl named Reena!"
"Ooh! Is she cute?"

" She's more than cute! She's angelic! I'm so grateful to have met Reena!!!!😍🥰"
by Jiminbusan95 April 05, 2019
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Reena is sweet and a smiley girl.
She is rare and classy. Most of the girls who have this name are extremely beautiful and GOOD in every aspect. She's definately a Good girl at heart .
Reena Hammer was always very classy, smiley on the red carpet
by betterinfo February 04, 2010
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Reena is a female who is super girly and looks so good in a dress All the boys want to be around her as she can attract them easily !
Reena is great
by Hdjehehduudue April 12, 2018
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reena is obviously a girl it says in the name either way shes the best person your ever gonna shes not afraid to speak her mind she’ll literally tell you if your ugly or if your pretty shes so honest except when it comes to how she looks shes so pretty but shes too modest to admit it shes so fun to talk to and to be around if she likes you then you are so lucky cuz her expectations are high and if she likes you she’ll like you for so long or so short either a couple of years or a couple of days it goes either way she’s an interesting unique person with an amazing personality if you got a reena in your life then keep her
have u seen that new girl?
oh yeah reena shes so hot right???
ikr like oh my gosh i would hit that
by jassssssssica August 16, 2020
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She acts white, talks like a black person. She’s beautiful but cold. She’s very trendy, she is also in love with vans.
by teabiss May 26, 2019
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a reena is a gorgeous girl!

She has a heart of gold and is one of a kind.

She will make you laugh, amaze you with her talents, and make you wanna spend all your time with her!
There is a queue of guys waiting in line...

What is the furore about?

Oh they are all waiting for a chance to date a reena!
by beeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 28, 2013
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