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(adj) A type of joke or personality that relies on being made fun of, rather than actually being funny (via cleverness or irony). A tactic most prominently used by typical females in any 'joke' other than pee pee jokesĀ± or insults.
Becky: I was cleaning my house and I had a bucket filled with water; then I started to mop the floor but the bucket didn't have any detergent in it lol

Jermaine: Wow ok, that joke is very feminine-funny. If I laugh or even snicker at that I'd be enabling you to continue to tell these terrible stories that you consider to be jokes, but I won't.
by thejumbalia May 23, 2012
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Defending yourself (or others) by seeking revenge for something done to you (or others).
Ex. 1- Don: Jack Bauer and Batman just went on a mission to find and apprehend the crazy terrorist who bombed Gotham Los Angeles Plaza.

Bill: Yeah, they both seek defengeance for what happened. As long as the terrorist are out there we aren't safe.

Ex. 2- Whenever a member of a gang sees someone from a rival gang, he's obliged to defengeance himself. He must defend himself from a possible attack (whether immediate or in the future) by seeking vengeance on the rival gang member for all the pain the rival gang has cause him. It's a never ending cycle.
by thejumbalia January 20, 2013
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A fetish where a person is romantically involved with or attracted to extremely ugly people.
John: I heard Jack is dating the new girl at work with the upside-down pear shape and muscle back.

Fred: Yea, he's into borderline bestiality. It's a fetish.
by thejumbalia January 02, 2013
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1. Activities that involve titties.
2. Big titties
-The Victoria Secret fashion show is one of my favorite actititties, especially when Tyra Banks comes bouncing out.

-Did you see those actititties on the treadmill? They were huge!
by thejumbalia April 27, 2016
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