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This phrase is often used while playing video games against one other opponent. Typically the game that is at hand is a sports game, either on PS2, Xbox 360, or PS3. Most often its a basketball game. The phrase will be used when one player has been beaten mercifully 4-5 times in a row. The phrase will be used at the beginning, middle or at any time during the game, when one opponent feels his efforts are hopeless.
~ - Tip off - ~ "I have lost 4 straight games, ITS OVER."

"Wow you just stole the ball from 5 times in a row, ITS OVER."

"This game hates me, and obviously does not want me to win! IT'S OVER."
by thehype May 03, 2010
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Fyat is another way of spelling PHAT, Pretty Hot and Tempting.

Pronouced - Fee - Yat.
Although when this word was orignated, in the mid to late 90's it never caught on. Mostly due to the fact that F.Y.A.T. was not an acronmyn for anything.
In fact in may have only been used once in its entirity
"Dude, that chick FYAT."

"Only FYAT girls ride with me, and I am not talking about F.A.T."
by thehype May 04, 2010
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A term used in basketball.

It refers to someone who takes a shot while playing basketball from no further than 5 feet from the rim.

This term will mainly be used negatively when someone misses a 5 foot shot or closer.

This term can not be used to decribe a missed - Slam Dunk or Lay up, only an actual shot.
"You had a wide open shot under the rim and you missed that Dinky."

"I can't make any shot, i even miss the dinky's."
by thehype May 06, 2010
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