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1. Someone who is invincible in a very cool way, and is also quite sexy, has a supernatural air about him.
Person 1: You hear he got run over by a train today?
Person 2: Yea bro i saw it, the train was mash up.
Person 1: I heard he don't even have a bruise.
Person 2: He must be an Alfie or some shit.

Eddie: Why did you ride your bicycle into a parked car?
Alfie: Its raining so I had my eyes closed...
Eddie: You're bike is screwed, how are you not dead?!
Alfie: ..I must be invincible or something.
Eddie: Oh Alfie

'No Alfie, no! You won't make it, nobody can! Its impossible!'
He looks back and smiles, 'You forget darling, Im invincible'
by thee dude May 01, 2009

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cross between swanky and fantastic. i.e. a very good and swanky thing.
person 1: mate. i see you got a new car?
person 2: yes. this is true. its nice. i like it.
person 1: its better than nice mate. i'll tell you what it is. its SWANKTASTIC!
by thee dude September 18, 2008

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a cocktail made by mixing a sports drink, such as Gatorade, with a cheap, preferably charcoal filtered vodka.
Dude, I got smashed on Booneshine last night and woke up next to a Sea Donkey.
by Thee Dude February 27, 2015

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