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a term used when speaking on the telephone in a public place to communicate to the party on the other side of the conversation that you are uncomfortable speaking because someone else is able to hear your part of the conversation

although "10 minutes" represents one user's chosen term, each couple must come up with their own phrase that is sufficiently commonplace to not raise suspicions when potentially used frequently
Girlfriend (on other end of phone): "Are you trying to tell me you don't feel the same about me? I don't get it."

You (on phone): "No, that's not at all what I'm saying."

Girlfriend: "You're acting very weird, there must be something else. Did you sleep with someone else?"

You: "Oh, I'd say in about 10 minutes."
by thedoctorman2000 August 08, 2009

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Expression used to reflect upon a happy moment during an otherwise horrible time in one's life, whether it be a bad job, a bad relationship, or other prolonged period of agony

a play on "those were the days"
First guy: "you still seeing Melissa?"
Second guy: "are you kidding me? that melodramatic bitch sucked 18 months from my life. good riddance."
First guy: "But you guys seemed really attached on Nantucket last summer."
Second guy: "Oh, yeah. . . that was the day."
by thedoctorman2000 August 08, 2009

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n. - male who is able to attract and/or retain one or more faithful female or male companions/lovers despite truncal obesity, male pattern baldness, underemployment, boorish behavior, limited intelligence, and/or other features undeserving of such companionship
Stan: Jane seems to have her shit together.
Alice: I agree - she's sensible, smart, and fun to hang around with.
Stan: What's with John? He's a total deadbeat without any redeeming qualities.
Alice: I know - I guess Jane's a homersexual.
by thedoctorman2000 August 08, 2009

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