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When, in the course of a game of dota or another hero based, warcraft 3 map, you have a hero possessing an ability called chain lightning. Upon using this ability, on usually shouts "Berp Chain Lightning!!!" as loud as they can, so as to alert the rest of the house as to what just happened. Often most exuberantly used after the player using the ability has just KS'ed his team mate or friend.

Some say that the ability 'Arc Lightning,' found on the popular dota character named 'Zeus,' also constitutes the use of Berp Chain Lightning, as its animation and effect are similar. Although this is still widely debated among linguistics and dota players alike, both sides agree that it still is pretty cool.
4allya: Come gank bot with me!
Thededone: Ok, berp chain lightning!
4allya: Wow dude, way to KS. and btw, only fags like Biggiy and Boyd say berp chain lightning.
by thededone December 5, 2007
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Dota is a custom map for warcraft III, the most popular version being DotA Allstars, which is for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. DotA is a generally exciting game, with many comebacks, twists and turns. It is a hero based game, with each player controlling a single hero and working as a team to destroy the enemy team's base. This game does have a few problems however. One of the major problems is the high learning curve. It is extremely difficult to get good at the game, which scares many players away. The other problem is a lack of balance, although this has improved with recent versions. The problem with balance is that some heroes (which are randomly selected with the popular -ar mode) are generally better than others, causing in-game controversy over "stacked teams." Most of the criticisms of DotA are spawned from these problems, and most DotA haters are victims of these short comings. Another problem with DotA, one that can not be controlled by Ice Frog (the current maker of DotA Allstars), is that of laggers and leavers. Laggers, being people who have a slow internet connection, often make a game of DotA difficult, and generally no fun. That is why DotA players are so hard on them. Leavers ruin more games than anything else, though. A leaver is someone who leaves the game before it is over, mainly because they are losing, or something ridiculously unbalanced is going on. Some of the criticisms of DotA players themselves are that they spam, are too aggressive, and that they are arrogant. These stereotypes primarily come from people who have not played DotA enough to fully understand it. DotA players take their games seriously, so naturally when something that does not maximize their play time, or is ruining their game, they react in the only way they can. These reactions often appear to be excessive to people who are new to the game. All in all, DotA is a fun game that, once it is mastered, can be extremely fun, and even addictive.
Gamer 1: Dota is teh pwnage. Last night was great my team and I pwned these noobs so hard...
Gamer 2: Dude thats leet!

Me: OMFG I l<3ves me some DotAs!!!
My friend: Wtf is dota? Is it like a game or something?
by thededone December 29, 2007
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