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An asian dad, frequently born of Mainland Chinese descent, that drives so intensely that it makes the anal sphincter muscles of his passengers contract upwards for the entire duration of the ride. This happens so much in the districts of North Burnaby that most people can't even shit right.
usual scenario of Asian Dad Driving:

"yo dad stop tailgating my ass is getting sore from all the excitement!"



"wow thankfully my insurance can't go any higher sup!"
by thebrownbrothers March 03, 2007

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getting owned, especially in a ridiculous and pathetic way; often it is deserved and viewed as a deterrent for future hypocrisy.
An innocent person gets shoved off a bus and sprains his ankle. His friends yell out to him,

"lol u got prabhu'ed"
by thebrownbrothers March 01, 2007

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