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Ball never lies, he is the ultimate peak of smartness is an overall god. Saying the phrase is like another way of saying 'Fax' 'Facts' or 'True'.
Aryan: "I am gay"
Bob: "Ball don't lie"
by the_jobless_mallu May 25, 2021
Person that eats their mask (Figuratively). Or another way to call someone that wears their mask so badly, they look like theyre eating it.
Person: *Wears mask terribly*
Me:" Stop being a mask eater"
by the_jobless_mallu May 30, 2021
A godly salute to comrades. Usually pitched in a high tone, while screaming louder than ur mom last night.
Also, this word is a different way of saying the french term for "Hello" (Bonjour). It just sounds kinda the same.

(p.s its an inside joke). Another way of saying it could be bounjou.
when teacehr walks in u say: "MONGOOSE MISSS"
by the_jobless_mallu May 30, 2021
A Gio moment is a few seconds of pure and absolute stupidity.
John: "Did you know that Henry jumped off a 100 ft bridge into water for 10 bucks?"
Bob: " Such a Gio moment"
by the_jobless_mallu May 25, 2021