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in the early 1980's, the typically ska related dance style known as skanking became synonymous with "slam dancing" at hardcore punk rock shows in southern california, and maybe some other places which matter. The thrashing about of the arms and legs became much more violent and was sometimes accompanied by the wearing of a spiked dog collar and wristlet combination to better one's chances of drawing blood. we've even seen barbed wire wrapped around ankles during the most hardcore skank sessions.

the punk rock skank would take place within a circle of punks and anybody trying to leave the circle would be apprehended by the punks on the perimeter and thrown with great gusto and much drunken laughter, back into fray.

this old school circle of punks and the skankers within, transmogrified over time to become today's mosh pit.
from the hardcore punk band the circle jerk's classic song "I just want some skank":

passing flyers at the troub
seven nights seven 'ludes
what's the deal with this band?
Let's go roll some fields, man

I just want some skank!
I just want some skank!
I just want some skank!
I just want some skank!
by the pep squad April 07, 2005

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punto rojo is a spanish/mexican/latino/mexican-american/cholo phrase for a marijuana cigarette (which our squad would not condone the possession of). it means "red point" and describes the tip of the spliff or bone having the glowing red cherry (which our five members retain full and intact possession of).

this is a relatively obscure term, but will win you favor from the hippest mexican people when used over the more "streety" lenyo.
mandy, I think that wendy's friend felix may be lighting up a punto rojo in her bedroom. do they have the door locked? spray some new car scent air freshener under the door or something.
by the pep squad April 19, 2005

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the puny beginnings of a man's pigtail. any pigtail on a man measuring less than three inches in length from the elastic pigtail fastener or scrunchie to the tip of the pigtail.
did you see that stupid aging hippy and his greying dork knob? do you think he ever gets laid?
by the pep squad February 24, 2005

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