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An online "slang" dictionary whose entries are submitted and judged by random readers.

Approximately 90% of its entries are useless teenage drivel, disgusting scatological references, nasty racist, sexual and ethnic slurs, phony "hip-hop" lingo made up by junior high kids wearing their pants around their asses, stupid white trash ramblings, and self-absorbed geek blather.

The other 10% are pretty entertaining.
"Cool Guy" - defined as "Tommy Smith from East Side High! Woo!!!"

"Ass-wipe" - defined as "That kid I don't like from my history class."

"Slut" - defined as "That bitch Chloe who slept with my boyfriend after the dance last weekend and whose face I'm gonna scratch."

"(Unprintable racist and homophobic term)" - defined as "(Misspelled, ungrammatical and largely unreadable unprintable racist and homophobic rant.)"
by the noise May 22, 2005
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1. Epitomizing authentic urban culture, ie. street but on a massive scale.

2. Hip, fly, the bomb, now-that's-what-I'm-talking-about, ie. Really rather good indeed and fresh with it.
These ain't no hillbilly garms, yo, these threads are district.

Feel the bass on this cut, man. The beat sound like it made out uh cardboard, but the bass is f***in' district!
by the noise September 02, 2007
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