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Another name for a Lemon car
A car that breaks while it's driven, such as the tranny going out, the A/C stops working, the car starts backfiring, the car starts overheating, or the dash gauges stop working properly
You: Look at that PT Loser, it's a junkyard fodder.
Your friend: You mean that beige PT Cruiser parked over there running and smoke is coming from the exhaust?
You: Yeah.
Your friend: PT Cruisers suck, it should be parked in a dumpster.
by the dustyjacobs company™ September 27, 2019
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An evil place that you go to and spend all your money and most of the time get nothing in return, also will screw you over if you go there to win money to save yourself from money related problems.
You: My niece had money problems and went to bingo to solve her money problems, since then, she got evicted from her apartment and was never seen again.
Your girlfriend: She probably died in the cold weather, at least you have your own company and make alot of money, we're super rich and can solve all of our money problems.
by the dustyjacobs company™ August 24, 2019
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The Blue Screen of Death, usually appears when your computer is too old to run or your cat stepped on your keyboard and causes it, nowadays, the BSoD has a frowny face on it.
You: just playing Roblox on my computer.
BSoD appears
Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info and then we'll restart for you
by the dustyjacobs company™ October 11, 2019
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A green screen that Barney will give you if you are mean to him, or he does something that he wasn't supposed to do, in which you get when the computer crashes, thus you must manually restart your computer, also if Barney does something and it was his fault you received a green screen of death, instead of the normal mad Barney pointing his arrow at the message telling you that you need to restart your computer, he will point his arrow at the reason why it crashed, and he will be shocked, and there will be a note from Barney explaining to you what happened, and there will be an item or video thumbnail that cause the computer to crash with a red prohibition sign on it, and he will tell you that you may need to install something to prevent this from happening again, preferably a driver or antivirus, and may even restart your computer for you.
Barney: Oh no, You got the Green Screen of Death, you have to restart your computer
You: I need to restart
by the dustyjacobs company™ August 23, 2019
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