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A word used when u are feeling emense enjoyment. Usually said during masturbation.
O Yea that feels so good. Don't stop left hand. Don't stop.
by The Blob January 29, 2005

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kickass quote of X-Men villain The Blob.
Nothing Moves the Blob...nothing!
by The Blob January 28, 2005

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A kid at our school who is a complete fag and likes to lazy Stephen himself and has a poodongall the time. He cant seem to control himself and his want for manpoon. He watches a movie with mike's mom in it all the time. But he still craves the manpoon.
Look there goes Little Beef.
by The Blob January 20, 2005

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an Italian long drink popular in Florence... one part Chianti, one part Coca Cola.
Bartender, i'll have a karla on the rocks.
by the blob August 14, 2003

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