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Thrid and final film in the Godfather trilogy. It features Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, Diane Keaton as Kay, Sofia Coppola as Mary Corleone, and many others. Released in 1990, it follows Michael Corleone during 1979-80, long after his mafia days, and is considered an epilogue to the previous two films. It is the weakest of the Godfather trilogy, and is like comparing The Phantom Menace to A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, but as a stand alone film, it is pretty good.
Guy #1: "Did you see The Godfather Part III?"
Guy #2: "Yeah, it was a bit disappointing."
Guy #3: "I thought it was great, just not compared to the other two."
by thatoneguyfromdowntheway July 25, 2011
Father McGruder, a.k.a. "The Kung Fu Priest", is a character in Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive/Braindead". He always calls for divine intervention and kicks ass for the Lord.
Father McGruder: "This calls for divine intervention!"

Father McGruder: "I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!"

Guy #1: "What is the name of the Kung Fu Priest in that one movie with Peter Jackson, zombie babies, and the Lawnmower scene?"

Guy#2: "Father Jon McGruder, he kicks ass for the Lord."
by thatoneguyfromdowntheway July 25, 2011