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Noun, originating somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. A girl who is superlatively awesome, exerting her superiority wherever she goes (but in a non-pretentious manner; more of a transcendent, aloof hipness). Possible association with "terminator," though in an innocuous (not lethal) sense.

Alternately: An enigmatic and delightful person.
Partygoers felt keenly aware of their superficiality when a janinator walked into the room.
by that girl August 06, 2004
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A guy into the following: his fraternity, spring break, Dave Matthews, sports bars, chain restaurants, Abercrombie and Fitch, thinly-veiled misogyny. From the character "Chachi" of "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi" fame. Oddly, Chachi himself did not fit the above criteria; yet, he embodied the essence of trying way too hard and having no fucking clue.
At my cousin's bachelorette party, we ended up at Senor Frog's - full of chaches. I had to bail.
by that girl April 30, 2004
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it's when you take a slice of american cheese (the kind that's in the wrapper) and stick it to the back of someone's shirt, usually near their shoulder, without the person noticing. you don't tell them the cheese is there until they're in a crowd of people and then you yell "CHEESE SHOULDER!"
Bob punched me in the face after I gave him a cheese shoulder in front of his girlfriend.
by that girl April 15, 2004
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when you're in a chat room and it freezes so it looks like no one's talking, and suddenly you're bombarded with 3213535 messages all at once. this usually happens because your computer is either really slow or just on crack.
This chat lag is really ruining the effect of this internet orgy.
by that girl April 02, 2004
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caring about someone or something no matter what
Even though he treated me like crap I feel like I am the only one who shows him any kind of compassion, even his new girlfriend doesnt care about him.
by that girl March 09, 2005
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This is the fukiest place on earth! How do I know??? I GO THERE! It sux, so don't go there! GO to Westland even though it has a defanision that isn't true! (well, part of it is) S. A's sux and they have a lot of pervs!! And sluts!!
It sux, that's all there is to it
by That girl April 07, 2005
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