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The Human Advanced Amphetamine Research Project. A secret government facility, disguised as an atmospheric testing station and purposely misinformed to be a weather control device. It was built and brought online to cause a massive wave of methamphetamine addiction upon the American people in order to make them paranoid, weak, confused, and in and out of jail/prison.
"Dude, do you hear that? That low humming is one of the sounds that HAARP makes, man! I'm telling you, once they finish all of the FEMA camps, they're gonna round us all up!"
by thEwaTcher January 23, 2014
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The act of being so cranked out that you lay on your belly on the floor and try to stare under the door jam to see or hear what's going on the other side because you're so paranoid and on meth.
I went to Ben's house, but he was too dj-ed out, so I left.
by thEwaTcher September 11, 2015
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Someone who constantly sticks their nose in other people's Facebook business with the intention of creating drama, threatening to come to the other person so that they can "handle it", and then never actually showing up to fight and settle the situation.
"I unfriended Molly because she's a straight-up Facebook Warrior now."
by thEwaTcher August 27, 2014
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