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refers to getting oneself into a predicament that isn't easily resolved, as if one stepped in cow dung.
"Man, I really stepped in it when I signed this contract!"

"You really stepped in it when you criticized your boss in that meeting today."
by tech.witch January 05, 2012
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The word combines "jeer" and "cheerleader" to define a new type of entertainment found at roller derby games that encourage the crowd to cheer for action by using fun games, teasing chants, and general ruckus-making.

Example: The Gotham City Roller Girl Jeerleaders
The jeerleaders passed out signs to the crowd to cheer for their favorite roller derby team.
by tech.witch September 20, 2016
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This is the sore and painful feeling you get the day after skating in a roller derby match. It is usually accompanied by stiff muscles and bruises.
I have one heck of a bangover after skating in our derby bout last night.
by tech.witch April 09, 2015
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