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When you stick your dick or a similar object into your partner/hooker's asshole, then you have them shit on said object while still holding it in as tightly as possible. This should cause the poop to go around the object and forcibly eject out the anus. The end result looks like a pressure washer spraying poop. DO NOT get in the way of this 'pressure washer,' it will inflict physical harm.

Note: Laxatives help to provide the consistency needed for the poop to flow like water.
Danny: Oh yeah John! Just a little deeper and then I'll pressure wash that silly grin off your face!

John: Yea! Pressure wash me all day! UNNGGHHH (orgasm) (poosplosion)
by tdnizzle111 April 30, 2011
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When you fuck the brains out of your toaster, usually resulting in intense pleasurable feeling and a toasted dick. It is recommended that you eat a bagel whilst toaster lovin'.
1) Danny: I work at Einstein's Bagels just so I can do toaster lovin' all day long. Mmmm...

2) Chloe: I wish I were a toaster so I could get some toaster lovin'. Also, I want bagels inside me...
by tdnizzle111 April 30, 2011
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When a woman spreads her cheeks and invites multiple strong men to launch midgets face-first into her asshole, usually resulting in intense bruising, and extreme anal pleasure. Note: Not fun to be the midget in this sexual act.
Chloe: Hey Danny and John, wanna have a game of Irish Darts? I'll be the dart board!

Danny: Ok, but we'll need a midget...

Kristen: I'm game!

(John launches Kristen towards the asshole of Chloe, smothering her in a blood/fecal matter combination)
by tdnizzle111 July 15, 2011
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