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Acronym for Mother I'd Like to Fuck. Although the following is debatable, a MILF refers to women in their late 30's through mid/late 50's. She doesn't necessarily have to be a mother. For example, a hot 16 year old mother doesn't qualify to be a MILF; whereas, a 45 year old hot babe who is not a mother would. Same would apply to GILF.
"Awww yeaz! check out that MILF!!"
"Yah, she's aight but I don't see no stretch marks tho."
"C-Section nigga..."
"Aight bitch, imma gonna ask dat ho if she's got children. Then you gonna pay me $5 cuz you'z ass is wrong."

"Awwww yea check out those saggin tittaas, definitely Grade-A GILF material right there."
"Shiiit, thats the old spinster who lives up on Cherry Rd... she never married or had children foo, you'z be trippin. Ain't no GILF in that, whats the fun if she ain't got no kids foo?"
by tdan December 10, 2004
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A place where you get a massage but most commonly refers to a whore house in disguise of a legitimate massage business. Usually if you see a run down building in the shady part of town with a neon sign saying "MASSAGE", chances are its a rub and tug joint.
"I'm going to a massage parlor Dan, you want to come?"
"No thanks, I'm afraid of getting the clap"
by tdan December 12, 2004
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