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bag chiping is the profession in which much like a seagul the candidate makes attempt to remove idle chips from the HJ bag that have fallen out of the chip container and found there resting place at the bottom of the bag. This normally tends to manafest a conclusion of friendships there fore confirming the idea of seperating work and home. this tendinsy is normally exhibited in people classified as stinge or the slightly more crude rascial descrimination of 'jewish'
FRIEND: cant believe kelsy is bag chiping again hes ruining his life.
friend 2: yes this addiction got to stop. hes got a family to think of.
by taskmaster September 14, 2009
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I'm about to try and flirt with you or try and talk to you
Example: girl:yea we just broke up

Boy:awe for real well I'm gonna get on
by Taskmaster September 30, 2015
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contary to popular belief a 'dead herring' referes to the case in which all the answer exhibited in a multichoise questions do not satisfy the criteria to corrispond to the question. this is normally done by a teacher that is identified by the name anti-haasskett or a binary opposed haaasskkket.
"WTF THIS MUTLI CHOISE IS A DEAD HERRING" "you are correct the premise of the question is invalid." HOW IS NONE THE ANSWER. and so on.
by taskmaster September 12, 2009
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the act of waiting for a minor character floor or slip-up to arise to justify being angery at an entity allowing you to publicly judge and socially 'hanging them' without social ramifications being passed on to the hanger.

This normally exhibits an exageration of the facts and feelings involved and an implimentation of the moral high ground so to be viewed as the 'bigger person' where as the real reason normally conists of the resonance with the angree's insicurites normally repressent by the stead fast alligning with the causes and the transference of responcibility to a higher power.
example of use:
1.judger: "look i can't just sit here while he treats every one like shit."
friend: "excuses for big nooses."
1.example of transference:
judger: "look it not up to me, what happens happens, the group will de side."
by taskmaster September 21, 2009
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