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Police. Term used alot in the Netherlands
Why u call the scotoe on my ass man??!
by SyntaxE July 10, 2006

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1. Other word for Gangsta Boo, meaning a girl down with the thugs.
2. Rapstress Khia's AKA.
1. Thug misses, Queen Bitch, all my soldiers die with me (Khia)
2. That album Thug Misses is OTC!!
by SyntaxE July 09, 2006

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Awesome cocktail, once you had it you won't ask for anything else!!
It's called Sunrise because of the way it looks, red/orange/yellow like the sky looks every morning when the sun comes up.
Also the name of a hawt movie that was released in 1988.
How to make a Tequila Sunrise:
1. Poor Tequila and Orange Juice in a longdrinkglass
2. Add 3 icecubes
3. Stir for a few seconds
4. Add a little bit of grenadine in the middle of the glass
5. Put a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass
And there you have it: TEQUILA SUNRISE!!!
by SyntaxE July 10, 2006

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1. A radio station
2. Short for Korean Rock
3. A rapper who used to be down with Three 6 Mafia/ Hypnotize Minds
Person: Man I love K-Rock
Other person: ??
Person: K-Rock is hot
Other person: ??
Person: Don't front, out of all meanings of K-Rock, the third one is the most important
Other person: Hypnotize Minds BITCH
by SyntaxE July 16, 2006

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It's a g-string made with very sweet candy, so that your lover can eat it while you're wearing it
Is mostly given to girls on their birthday.
-OMG I got a candy g-string for my bday!!
+LOOOL you got it from who?
-Ah u kno, some guy who just hit puberty
+Was to be expected
by SyntaxE July 16, 2006

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other way to spell shizzle
Means: sure or shit, pronounced and spelled in a Snoop Dogg way.
That girl is sooo hot!
Fo sjizzle!

Yo G I'm broke as fuck..
by SyntaxE July 19, 2006

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A Jamaican term for back pain, in this case caused by good lovin'. It's also the title of a song by Reggae/Hiphop group Worl-A-Girl.
I mean dat, I give the bwoy pain-a-back (Worl-A-Girl)
by SyntaxE July 10, 2006

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