11 definitions by SyntaxE

1. short for definitely
2. short for definition
3. death, misspelled
4. record label Def Jam
5. deaf, misspelled

and most importantly:
That song is def man!!
by SyntaxE July 16, 2006
Female rapper from the Netherlands. Is known for being very versatile lyrically.
Syntax E. is off tha chizzain fa sure!
by SyntaxE July 10, 2006
Online gaming is the most geeky thing to do in the world, especially when you're on MSN and you're always "away" or "busy" and don't reply to people who try to have a conversation with you. People who do online gaming use terms such as n00b, FTW, pwnage & AFK. Online gaming is exactly the thing to do if you want to become a nerd and waste your days doing basically NOTHING.
Online gamers can be very cute though (after all they're still human beings like the rest of us) that's why my definition sounds so bitter, because I think those people should focus on other things, everything but gaming.
(on msn):

me: hey wassup?
online gamer (20 minutes later): Online gaming
me: oh okay.. I'll shut up then
online gamer: :-)

^^they do that and later on regret it, but they don't realise how stupid and mean they sound at the moment they say it because they're in a trance, caused by playing online games.
by SyntaxE July 19, 2006
other way to spell shizzle
Means: sure or shit, pronounced and spelled in a Snoop Dogg way.
That girl is sooo hot!
Fo sjizzle!

Yo G I'm broke as fuck..
by SyntaxE July 19, 2006
rapper who is great lyrically, but has a real annoying voice, which makes it physically impossible to listen to his shit for more than twenty minutes
used to be down with Three 6 Mafia
T-Rock's disses towards Three 6 are OTC mayne..
by SyntaxE July 16, 2006
Why u call the scotoe on my ass man??!
by SyntaxE July 10, 2006
1. Other word for Gangsta Boo, meaning a girl down with the thugs.
2. Rapstress Khia's AKA.
1. Thug misses, Queen Bitch, all my soldiers die with me (Khia)
2. That album Thug Misses is OTC!!
by SyntaxE July 9, 2006