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will show the world that real metal aint dead!!! time to take back the throne boys!!!
death magnetic will KILL EM ALL!!
by swingingbeef July 17, 2008
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Shitty music shop in bideford devon.Staffed by what can only be described as a scheck and donkey double act. CHEAP SHITTY INSTRUMENTS! Sold by cheap shitty people.
MIKE:- "I want to be treated like crap and to buy a crappy guitar. where do i go??"
FRED:- "Get yer sorry ass to Tonezone Music. But beware of the dog, i heard she bites and is rabid!"
by swingingbeef July 10, 2008
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The top most visible three inches i=of a hairy arsecrack!!
oh my days. put your KLIMNO away mate i was gonna park y bike in that!!
by swingingbeef May 26, 2011
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