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When you're next to someone while they're listening to their ipod, and in an act of intimacy, they offer hand over an earphone.

Usually, this form of flirting is used by people who are too afraid to say, "Hey, I think you're cute," or interact verbally in general.
Jill: (Hands over earphone)
Jack: (Hesitantly takes earphone)
(Laughs at the thought that Jill made an attempt at "ipod flirting" with him)
Jill: (Runs away, crying)
by surfstarchris February 20, 2007
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The way in which chongas and other gangsta people write.
Chonga: y0, wUzZuP daWg? i rEalLy lyK diiS sHiiT u Kn0w?

Gangsta: daYum Ma, u l00kIn' maDd go0d. cAn a niGguH geT y0 nUmBa...?

Bystander: Oh Lord, what a horrendous example of "chongacase".
by surfstarchris October 15, 2006
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A different form of the word slut, slute, and even sloot.

A sluht is a person, male or female, but usually a female, who is very loose, and puts out without struggle.

Sluhts usually get drunk and/or high before the party even starts, so they can be sure and get used only about 30 minutes in.
Wow, is she really already going to town on that guy? The party only started like 20 minutes ago. What a sluht...
by surfstarchris August 25, 2006
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Usually said by a surfer. When the surf is so flat, so non-existent, it just becomes sad. It is flatrocious.
Person 1: "Hey did you check the surf today?"

Person 2: "Yeah. What a waste of time. It is flatrocious..."
by surfstarchris August 30, 2006
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"Whats up?" said while extremely intoxicated. Generally, because of this intoxicated state, it is mumbled, and therefore sounds more like "wah-zoo".
Bro, are you okay? I think you've had one too many kegstands tonight...

--> Ya bro, I'm fffine. Bro, I haven't ssseen you in like... like... in like forever bro... Wazu bro?
by surfstarchris September 19, 2006
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