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Noun: The antithesis of work; a great time, accompanied by friends, ridiculousness, alcohol and humorous conversation.

Verb: The act of partaking in drinking and making quality, enjoyable, quick witted discourse within the confines of close friends.

Origin: The BlackBerry T9 feature sometimes substitutes the word 'hularutt' for the more common term 'hilarity.' This circumstance evolved into utilizing the colloquy to illustrate the fun times of a happy hour with cohorts, or the process of making drunken memories with friends.

The furthest mindset from the responsibilities of work and job-related duties; the word hularutt brings about thoughts of tiki huts and clear skies in Tahiti, accompanied by pink drinks adorned with umbrellas.

Also, times you recap at later times which make you have a feel-good moment, often resulting in you openly smiling, or even laughing out loud.
Noun We're all five margaritas in - if you don't get here soon, you'll miss out on the hularutt!

Verb I'm sneaking out of work via the super sneaky bat-cave way and planning to get the hularutting underway!
by superlluclkycat February 12, 2009
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Similar to the female chickenhead variety; a male who seeks the companionship of a wealthier or higher class female in an aim to get a free dinner, drinks or acquire a sugar mama.
This male chickenhead texted me earlier asking where I was taking him for dinner - then he said I should pay, since I'm an Executive, and he's just making a cop's wages! So I took his ass to Whataburger.
by superlluclkycat June 27, 2009
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While one person, usually someone of higher significance of the other, is making copies (or faxing documents), a subordinate comes from behind to acquire favoritism by providing digital stimulation from within the pocket of the copy maker.
Make copies in the billing department, especially if you're a supervisor! You can get your faxes done, a reach around at the copy machine AND a happy ending!
by superlluclkycat September 22, 2008
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