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1) What you say when you're being hassled by the man.

2) What you say to reject authority.

3) What you say (sarcastically) when someone thinks they're a rebel.

Should never be spoken quietly. Is best shouted.

From the N.W.A. song Fuck tha Police.
1) Cops pull you over for going 5 over the limit and ticket you.


2) DMV worker "Sir, you need to fill out the QR37 form again and go to the back of the line."

"This is bullshit. FUCK THE POLICE!"

3) Driver: "Oh man I just ran a stop sign!"

Passenger: "FUCK THE POLICE!"
by superbran May 31, 2012

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The Bass Clarinet and anything lower (and, arguably, the Alto Clarinet as well).

Like the clarinet, only manlier. This is due to its increased size, deep tone, and being roughly shaped like a battleaxe.

Tonally similar the soprano (standard) clarinet, but better. Looks like a saxophone but is not, as any bass (man) clarinetist will tell you.

As the name implies, mostly (but not exclusively) played by men. Men generally play the man clarinet because it is infinitely superior to the soprano clarinet and the normal clarinet section is typically filled with women.
I played the clarinet in middle school but I now play the man clarinet.

The man clarinets sit with the bassoons and typically get shitty parts. This is a travesty.

The man clarinetists laughed at the boys who played regular clarinets.
by superbran December 27, 2010

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A very sketchy person. One who does sketchy things or acts in a sketchy manner- a sketch.

Coined at Carrboro High School in 2009 by the Quiz Bowl team when a sketchy member brought three small, highly suspect blueberry muffins that potentially contained marijuana. They were later sold to the general public.
That dude came to school high as a kite. What a sketch-muffin.

That couple has been in that janitor's closet for 15 minutes. They are two sketch-muffins.

This man is a sketch-muffin as he has not bathed in three weeks and smells like vomit.
by superbran December 27, 2010

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To go for a girl you like, or one you just want some casual dome from or sex.
"Wow look at that super babe, shawty gotta be racking up tons of weight in that booty"
"yeah man I'm gonna pursue that one!"
by Superbran April 10, 2014

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