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3 definitions by super cool unknown person🎅

school is so interesting tbh. i mean ur probably not even going to read all of this but in my opinion, school sucks. okay yes it’s needed for educational purposes but like helloooooo teachers??? we have a life here just like you. i don’t get why homework is more important like- what’s gonna happen if one piece of paper that came from a tree somewhere in this 7billion people world, yet that specific paper with specific writing on it NEEDS to be written on, turned in, and correct. whatever i mean it’s cool to see friends and stuff and some classes are honestly super fun oh and projects too. otherwise nah.
school: make sure u have ur 50 assignments in each class done but tmrw morning!! :))

(how the teachers want us to react): ofc teachers!! it will be done by tonight! <3:))
by super cool unknown person🎅 February 3, 2022
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sonia’s are like f-ing hot.
nothing you can say or do to change my mind.
guy: who’s sonia?
other guy: i think she’s the new girl.
other other guy: oh damn she’s f-ing hot
by super cool unknown person🎅 February 3, 2022
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JJ is the cutest guy living and John b is pretty cool too but JJ is the hottest person ever and not just in outer banks but also in genral
Friend: who’s your celebrity crus-
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