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Petafile is person who rapes kids
other words a swasbrick!
That emo freak was a petafile
by Sumone June 03, 2004
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idiotic and needs to stop hitting on girls
by sumone July 27, 2003
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a prostitute a guy goes to a lot cuz he ain't gettin none at home

my friend ashley
how many times have u been to ur pigeon this week man?
by sumone November 01, 2003
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ahh unionville pa.. the little town where everyone knows ur name but theres nothing to freaking do thats unionville for ya.... the football team sux because they are all rich snobs who roll up in the beamers or hummers that they got on their 16th birthday cause daddy and mommy are rich! so they are all just a bunch of imjured SOBS who cant play!!!!!!! WHY DONT THE GIRLS PLAY THEY MIGHT DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!

theres always some kind of drama hapining wherever u turn a corner
u no ur in unionville when ur not acepted cause u didnt buy the latest and greatest abercromie shirt and the ugly ugg boots
by sumone January 05, 2005
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