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another word for one of the last american girls; a girl down to ride motorcycles, play in the mud, bathe in the river, race cars, and drink beers. Hara's are usually very hot and have large boobies and blonde hair. They are also usually good cooks.
That Hara rides a hot Harley-Davidson.
by suicide blonde November 29, 2010
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A VERY RARE, super-sexy man with the ability to lead and take care of business, but can laugh and have a good time too. A Chief is noble, respectable, and confident. He's a warrior and a lover. A Chief is good at everything he does, he keeps his lady very happy in the bedroom. Every woman wants a Chief, but very few find a real Chief.
Daniel is my Chief, he makes me so happy.
by Suicide Blonde December 06, 2010
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