18 definition by stud

Polite, slang term for "Goddammit."
Mike dropped a god bomb when he stubbed his toe.
by Stud April 11, 2005

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An arrogant female from southern California.
She and I did not get along. She behaved like a scunt.
by Stud August 07, 2003

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melvin chu - to be studly, sexy, and godlike.
"Dood, you are soooooooooooo melvin chu"

"Aww dood that's the ultimate compliment!!!"
by Stud December 22, 2004

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1. A monument in North Vietnam next to a similar monument of Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), thanking him for his war protesting back in the United States which the Vietnamese believed helped them win the Vietnam war by destroying United States morale at home and causing people to spit on soldiers and call them baby killers when they didn't know what the fuck actually went on in Vietnam when women and children would walk up to soldiers with bombs strapped to them.
2. An idiot who marries rich women to help advance his career.
3. A candidate in the 2004 election who doesn't stand for anything and only attacks President Bush about what Bush has done wrong and not how Kerry will fix it himself.
I wouldn't vote for Kerry, even if I was bent over and forced to take it in the ass.
by Stud October 15, 2004

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