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A special meal only attainable through the combination of two McDonald's dollar menu items. A McDank results from placing an entire chicken sandwich, bread included, firmly in between the two meat patties found in a double cheeseburger. While many variations to the the McDank exist a few common alterations include
-No mayonaisse on the chicken sandwich.
-Opting to remove the lower bun prior to inserting the McChicken.
-If you are not currently a pussy, you may wish to use the double quarter pounder sandwich as the meat is delectable.
-Some may not wish lettuce upon their sandwich.
-Barbeque sauce may be used in desperate situations.
-Squashing the completed sandwich may make it easier to eat for those with unfortunately small mouths.
-Placing french fries in between the patties prior to McChicken insertion.
-Placing french fries in between the patties after the McChicken is placed firmly in the sandwich.
-Not placing french fries in between the patties at all, instead eating them on the side.
-Also you may not order french fries at all, for a McDank is a formidable meal even without french fried potatoes.

National McDank Day is currently held in 21 countries on the twentieth day of the fourth month.

While the origins of the name of the McDank is somewhat of a mystery, many urban legends have it that a legendary trapper named Dank Smiggins first made the McDank while stranded in the Siberian wilderness. Forced to choose between starvation in the cold tundra or forcing his last McChicken into his final Double cheeseburger. Dank, clearly no pussy, ate the sandwich shivering in the dark night and was rescued early the next morning. Dank then spread the word of his remarkable sandwich upon his return to society.
"Whoa man, are you taking that McChicken and putting it inside a double cheeseburger?"
"For sure bro, it's called a McDank!"
"Damn dude, now I want one."
by strungout024 December 25, 2008

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