1) Someone with a very very wet and excited vagina.

2) OR more commonly known as calling someone a name.
1) Sophie: did you just get a smiggins?
Katie: yes i did. i got too excited by you ;)

2) Katie: Oi smiggins.
Sophie: what do you want ?
by Katie a.k.a SMIGGINS August 25, 2009
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A total dickhead whom everyone hates. One who is very racist and also sexist. Nazi Supporter
Alex: Did you see that smiggins?
Jase: Yeh i did i fuckin despise that cunt
by J-Dawg949503940 August 24, 2009
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The person in the class that reminds the teacher of homework when the rest of the class obviously doesn't want the teacher to know.
Student: Ok guys, nobody remind the teacher of our homework

5 minutes later...

Smiggin Hole: Excuse me miss, we have to correct the homework you set us

Other students: DAMN IT, SMIGGIN HOLE!
by sdfihgasfasdofhuawe October 16, 2012
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